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About Cassie 

Welcome, my name is Cassie Greenwade. I am a nutritionist who is pursing her passion by helping others make healthy choices one bite at a time. I graduated from Bastyr University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, and started Real Nutrition Now to inspire others to lead a healthy life. My dietary journey has taken me through many different lifestyles such as pescatarianism, vegetarianism, veganism through back to eating poultry. I have personal experience in nutrition in pregnancy and gestational diabetes and pride myself on teaching people how to use real food to nourish their bodies, so they can achieve their best health possible. Yay for good health and feeling great about your body! I believe in the that whole foods and balance are the key to health. I practice the health models intuitive eating, health at every size, and believe everyone health goals are different and should be treated as individualistic as themselves. 


Follow me here as I follow my passion for Real Food, Real Recipes, and Real Nutrition Now. 

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